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Little Book of Breakfast e-book complete!

After plugging away for close to 2 years on my side hustle, I'm happy to say my Little Book of Breakfast is finished!

Those of you familiar with me will know that this all originated more than 4 years ago when James, my husband and high school sweetheart, was diagnosed in his early 40s with stage 3 Iga nephropathy, a chronic kidney disease. We were stunned and lost and searching for answers. Of course, it all seems crystal clear now. His busy stressful career full of travel and commuting, years of medication for migraine headaches (starting when he was just 5 years old) and psoriasis, struggles with weight and less than optimal nutrition which included the Bernstein diet (similar to Atkins) all played a part we're sure.

And so the journey began. Examining food as medicine, scrutinizing lifestyle, going back to school and the basics of nutrition, trying to find some balance. This all took time and during this period, I started compiling recipes. Simple ones that would help heal James and would also benefit myself and our 3 kids and in the end, would end up benefitting the planet. Recipes that everyone would actually eat and enjoy.

I started with just breakfast because, in all honesty, the task of completing an entire cookbook alongside my daytime job, seemed daunting. I thought I would keep putting it off and never get it finished. Breaking it into smaller components seemed doable. I also thought everyone can change just 1 meal a day right? 1 day at a time and 1 meal at a time. I'm working on Little Book of Lunch and Dinner next.

We don't have to engage in grand, heroic actions to participate in the process of change. Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world - Howard Zinn

It never mattered to me if this book made any money. Who am I anyway?! I don't a have a huge social media presence or much of a following. I have a few loyal followers who are interested in what we're doing (thank you). And so all proceeds from this little book will go to my local fareshare food bank who are in much need of everything right now.

My hope is that this book is more relevant now than ever. Given our current climate and the circumstances that brought us to where we are right now in this global pandemic, I hope that people will re-examine their own habits. The consequences of the animal industry and wet markets should not be lost on us. We should use this time to reflect on what we can all do. We all have the power to evoke change, 1 individual at a time and 1 meal at a time.

This book is for everyone. Everyone looking to improve their own health, the health of their loved ones and the health of our planet. The recipes are easy, nourishing and family friendly. Anyone of any cooking ability can make them. I've come to discover that we don't need to over-season, over-sauce and over-consume our food. We just need to go back to making our own food and it doesn't have to be complicated.

To those who support my little project, thank you! I hope you find 1 or 2 things in the book you enjoy;)


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